What is a Geriatric Care Manager?

When families need assistance to deal with older relatives who are no longer able to live alone due to health problems, disability, frailty, death of a spouse, or lack of home care services and support, the Geriatric Care Manager is there to assess the situation, develop a plan which will take into account the older person's need to feel independent and dignified, and give on-going guidance, assistance and support.

In twenty years of private practice as a Geriatric Care Manager assisting and advising elderly clients and their families, Ms. Handelman's experience covers the following areas:

  • Assessment of physical and emotional needs
  • Counseling of clients in crisis in the comfort of their own home
  • Home care visits- including checking in on an elderly relative while the family is out of town and telephone reassurance
  • New York State Patient Review Instrument (P.R.I.) and Screen
  • Adult living and nursing home placement including well visits to insure the client's adjustment to their new environment
  • Medicaid application assistance
  • Staff development programs and presentations for SNF's and adult residences
  • Physician and attorney referrals

From Expert Planning to Promotion of Independence and Dignity:

The Geriatric Care Manager takes into consideration the older person's needs for dignity, self-worth and independence, and balances them with the need for physical safety and supportive care.

From Confusion and Despair to Optimum Level of Functioning for client and family:

The Geriatric Care Manager, using the advanced interaction techniques of gerontological practice, implements a care plan, giving guidance, assistance and support on a 24 hour-a-day on-call basis. This is followed by evaluation of care on an on-going basis, as requested by the family. Chronically ill persons, including Alzheimer's patients and their families, are given emotional support and expert guidance through this difficult time.